New system for positioning and loading poultry in the cutting and deboning lines

In the United States, consumer trends, social and economic changes, the high competition between the poultry meat products industries, as well as the requirements of health bodies makes it necessary for companies in the poultry sector to adapt its production systems towards processes with high efficiency, worker safety and, above all, with the maximum possible productivity. Thus, from DCM the requirement has been detected to investigate and incorporate new innovative technologies in the processes of the production systems within the meat industries and, in particular, in the poultry industry.

This project, which began in April 2018 and is expected to end in May 2019, focuses on the development of a new system that allows the loading and positioning of poultry in the cones lines of the poultry industries in a way that is completely autonomous, without the need for human interaction, regardless of the initial position in which the bird is and capable of adapting to the production rate of each line. With this, it is intended that this project provides the first step towards the automation of the American poultry industry, creating an incentive effect in the development of new technologies for the cutting and deboning processes in the poultry industry carried out in cones lines.

This project, which has an estimated budget of €413,655, is co-financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Spanish Multi-regional Operational Program 2014- 2020.