We are technology integrators

We are present in the main references in the food sector. Our processes range from the industrial logistics processing, handling and conditioning of products, through the integration of robotic systems and quality control to the construction of auxiliary equipment and industrial tools and their respective integral maintenance.

A wide variety of solutions

We offer innovative solutions tailored for a wide range of systems and production problems, from industrial process logistics, product handling and conditioning, integration of robotic and quality control systems, to the construction of auxiliary equipment and industrial tools for integral maintenance work. DCM has extensive experience in the areas of meat sorting, processing and packaging.

Logistics of industrial processes
Product handling
System integration
Quality control
Auxiliary equipment and tooling
Integral maintenance






Grow your company

We share objectives with our clients: create solutions and workspaces that generate a high degree of efficiency, safety using the latest available technology. We provide you with technical and economic reasons to analyze the feasibility of investing in our projects to implement them in your production chain. The decision is yours. We always work on tailored solutions focusing on the operability of your resources, the reduction of costs and the optimization of working time, offering ‘turnkey’ projects. Our technical office investigates and develops machinery to solve your production needs, adding a benefit to the value chain of your product.