Chicken Processing

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Initial processes

Download Hanging stun chain

Bleeding Slag Sacrifice

Plucked Head cut Leg cut


Gizzard cleaning: gizzard cutting machine: It is a gizzard cutting and cleaning device with high pressure water.

Liver, heart cooling: SCANICO freezing tunnels: DCM is the official distributor of the fast freezing tunnel of the SCANICO brand in Spain.

Cut pieces

Thigh and Blanche Boning Machine

Leg cutting machine

Automatic cutting robots

Packaging and classification

Packing room


Boat Dispensers

Parts Review Posts


Box filling stations

Embedding positions of trays

Dispose in trays

Vision control

Automatic picking


Swivel tables

Boxing logistics

Box transport


Storage and classification

Box management software

FIFO warehouses

Chaotic Warehouses

Buffers stores

Palletizing robots

End of line palletizing

Palletizing cells

Pallet feeders

Tables mosaic making

Mechanical palletizers

Palletizing robots